Here I Come


So I'm headed off to the Brooklyn Blogfest tonight which I'm very excited about. I've been hoping to expand my blogging love beyond the tumblr world and into my local one. It will also be cool to meet and speak to people who blog fulltime maybe even meet some of my fave bloggers in person. There are speeches planned and an end of night dance party to wrap everything up. I'm looking forward to it but equally scared on some level to tell you the truth. I have an ever growing and mounting fear of Park Slope and it's parents. Park Slope with it's oceans of strollers and countless yuppies is known as being "the land of breeders". While I'm a tough cookie when it comes to my opinions on birth and child rearing (hell it got us into the NY Post) these people mean business, serious business and often get rude about it. I'm one to love a good debate and support people who are proud enough to speak their minds freely but when a neighborhood becomes known for being pretentious, some things to be said.

I was recently having this conversation with another Brooklynite about my ever growing fear of Park Slope Parents and they told me about the "Park Slope Hat Spat". If you're not from NY I think this event is a prime example of where my fear comes from of these people, someone was trying to do a kind deed returning a lost hat found at the park and instead of being met with warm appreciation was attacked for not being politically correct. I'm sorry but what kind of people (especially NYers) have the time or the extra brain power to even care if a classified ad is politically correct? The kind I fear that's who. The parenting blog group is actually being spear headed by the Park Slope Parent blog so I'll be "staring into the eye of the beast" in a few short hours. I'm sure they will be nice people and all but doesn't mean I won't tread the waters safely. Wish me luck!

Kirby Costa Campos