Rain Rain Go Away...

 Man I had such a great time at the Brooklyn Blogfest! Jeff Jarvits was an awesome Key Note and the energy at the event was just wonderful. I’ve become conference/festival veteran over the years and I never know what to expect walking into events like these but this one was short and sweet. I was actually surprised to find there were more writers then marketers at the event!

 The women in the parenting circle were all accomplished and impressive writers. All mommy bloggers but from a COMPLETELY different circle of the “blogger world”, most of which I didn’t even know existed. It could be the age difference most of these women have older children where most of my “circle of blogs” are new moms but I think there’s more to it. It’s so easy in blogging to grow attached to a “circle of blogs”, tweeting and reading with the same people day to day. After all you become invested in these people’s lives so of course you return time after time. But, after visiting this event Thursday it got me thinking, are we limiting ourselves by getting “comfortable” within our blogging network? I became so comfortable I wasn’t even aware of the amazing woman in my own city! Brooklyn really is so rich with talent. It even cured me of my fear of Park Slope parents; they’re not that bad after all, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them all better.

For my “circle of readers” please take the time and check these blogs/writers/and websites out if you get a sec, it will get you out of your “circle of blogs” and into Brooklyn for a hot min:



http://parkslopeparents.com/  (see No fear hehe!)

http://www.paulabernstein.com/  (http://www.parentsconnect.com/  and various other amazing sites!)





Currently we're up in Montreal for a long weekend a long overdue and welcomed vacation. Mark had a big picnic planned with some friends but the rain prevented that from happening. So for the first time since Georgiah was born Mark and I had a baby free date, yeah I know  13 months after she was born and we’re just getting it together! We’ve left her with the nanny or a sitter in the past but it was always work related. Today in an attempt to try and stay dry we took to downtown Montreal, did a little shopping then pent up in a cute little French coffee shop off a picturesque cobblestone street. We sipped coffee and just lingered for a bit without worrying about chasing after a toddler or cleaning up food tossed in a 15 foot radius around a highchair. Mark read a couple French papers and I ease dropped on the two French women at the next table. Mark’s working extra hard at helping me learning the language in the past month or two. It may have taken me a couple years but I’m slowly starting to pick things up. Today I even read a traffic warning sign (and was quite proud of myself!).  

After our coffee date we headed out for a nice leisurely dinner over a half craft of wine and some serious adult conversation, again way over due. While I could never live in Montreal I adore it in the spring and summer. Check out this great magazine cover I spotted in the store, you would have never seen this in the US!



I’ve grabbed so many great photos today I can’t wait to share when we get back, such a beautiful city even in the rain.


Till then, au revoire!



Kirby Costa Campos