There are times when I get down on myself for never having finished up school, I went to two colleges both of which for good reasons I dropped out of after a year or two. Even though I have a striving business, I still get down on myself at times, feeling like I didn't get the right or fair start. It wasn't till last night I realized something, I'm working through some heavy heavy things in my therapy sessions right now. It takes up a large amount of my time, thoughts, and learning capabilities. Yesterday when I was poured over a work book deep in thought about something I realized while I'm not earning a "degree", I am in "school" of sorts right now, some would even say the hardest kind. I'm in the school of "Kirby", slowly working out the icky stuff I carry around learning new skills and ways to cope. Skills that I not only need but will carry me through in becoming the best person I can be.


Funny how life places you right where you want to be sometimes without you even realizing it. 

Kirby Costa Campos