The Journey.

Having all this new space in the loft has been excellent for both my mental and now even my physical health. On and off after having my daughter I have started running, tried some sort of diet, any new mom to not only get back into shape but also to start feeling better about my bodies new magic shape. 

I've always quietly known all these dramatic changes would one, not give me the balance of looking and feeling better and two, would totally not been stuck with for very long. I've always known to feel healthy you have to live healthy, there's no way around it. 

So almost without trying after our move I've made some small but still huge changes. A healthier more structured diet...and not an actual "diet" just eating healthier in general and not bringing unhealthy food even into the house. Cooking almost all of my meals! Passing on coffee (except the occasional cup) for the tea and cutting down on the dairy in everyone's diet in the house. I feel lighter, brighter, and more able to focus already with a few dietary changes, mostly controlling my grain intake. We really are what we eat. 

I've also started a daily routine of either yoga or pilates. It's been awesome to feel some of the muscles I haven't felt since my soccer playing days coming back to life. I've been doing more core practice than I've ever done in the past. Come the weekend I did feel sore and walked around a bit like an old lady but one day off and a god yoga session focused on stretching and I was back to 100%. I have a lot of work to do on my body particularly on my back. I've always had very poor posture from walking on my toes for years which also shortened the muscles down the back of my legs. Sitting up straight actually hurts me. I hope to remedy this with rebuilding the appropriate muscles that never had the chance to develop over the next few years. 

After only a short week of making these minor changes I lost 6 pounds, without even really trying. I don't have a huge amount I would like to loose only 25 pounds to really hit my goal weight. Technically with healthy weight loss (2 pounds a week) I could be there by spring. Yet, I don't want this to be just about weight loss, I want to make these changes the norm, live healthier and in turn happier permanently. Work out my physical as I work on my mental, one day at a time.

What are your little day to day healthy tricks? I could add to my new routine? 

Kirby Costa CamposHealth