A Perfect Weekend.

This Friday I packed my best friends Cait and Frank into the van and headed to PA to surprise one of my bands at their gigs. I've been promising for months and months I would come visit them out in their country escape and thought this weekend was just plain perfect for that. Here's the thing, There are some clients where they will always be just clients we may have a wonderful and successful relationship but there's a level of professionalism and distance there. Than, there's the clients that become family, for life. And these wonderful people are the cream of the crop, where they are I am home. 

It was a three hour drive with a ton of traffic being the world seems to leave NYC on Fridays. On the drive I had the pleasure of learning my two best friends have the strange skill of being able to playfully yell at each other at the same time and still hold a steady argument hearing everything the other said, makes for a fun drive.

After a successfully surprising everyone at the show (and some not recognizing me without my glasses!), we spent the night celebrating being together with a house party and huge fire later outside their beautiful home to winde down the night. A much needed relax for myself. 

The next morning we were set to leave at 7am to get Cait home for work later that day we headed out SO tired from the night before in the fresh country air only for Cait to decide very last second she was calling out of work so we could stay the day. Commence the hour of driving around lost to get the one MILE back to where we were staying...we eventually found our way home and woke everyone up for the perfect summer day. We strolled to the local farm to buy eggs from the sweetest 90 year old couple who have owned their farm since 1957. The woman washes each egg in a big pot of water and dries it with a rag on her lap before she lovingly packages them and asks you about your life. The farm itself was breathtaking and had the most amazing energy.

After a round table breakfast with everyone we found our way down to the river. It was freezing cold. Everyone besides Frank got in at least up to their waist we drank a few beers, skipped stones, and enjoyed each others company.

This all so simple but with the right slow pace it's exactly what this city girl needed in the mist of this hard separation, the community, support, and just plain old love. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have such amazing people in my life.

Kirby Costa Campos