hi ya.

Blogging. Yes dear dear blogging. I miss it, I miss you my readers, I miss it all. Not going to lie if I have a second to catch up on some of your blogs I get little flashes of writing envy. Sadly though there hasn't been many brain cells left for much of anything these days. I'm collapsing into bed each night in a happy and purposeful exhaustion. I'm happy. Still busy but oh so happy these days.

Two weeks ago I started a new job. Well, not really new I'm still working with my same clients, doing the same old thing but now I'm working with a team of people, in a quirky Noho office, with a handful of other large projects added on top. I'm basically working as an organizer for this new business using my years of experience to help them take everything to the next level. A ton of work? Yes. Giving me a huge sense of purpose and a better pay check? YES. That combined with the tech project (who's offices are only 7 blocks from my new space thank god!) my days are are booked out intensely and I'm loving every moment of it. Again I'm writing from the road I'm hiding away in the corner at a gig in DC with my iPad. Seems tour is the only time I can take some time to write, the old hurry up and wait life of a touring musician.

The biggest deal is the balance this new gig is offering me. While moving my office out of my home, and really setting up a work/life 9-5 schedule I'm rediscovering the person I am when I'm not working. I have the balance to be the mom I want to be and really the person I'm working on becoming. I've spent so many years just buried in my work I'm welcoming this new balance with open arms. Not that it's been in the least bit easy, I'm rediscovering my identity, testing myself and my vision for the future...growing.

Oh and the romance. Not in the traditional sense of THIS is happening THAT has happened cause at the end of the day nothing really has happened at all and god knows if it ever will. But more of feeling feelings I haven't felt for a long time and the magic. It's never been an issue of meeting people for me, I've dated, it's a matter of that bubbly warm feeling being there again. That thing that happens when you start digging someone and you can't help but get a big fat grin on your face when you think of them, see they have texted you, or hear a song makes you think of them. That silly, giggly, amazing feeling of potential.

So while blogging may be low on the list these days as I settle into this new routine know one thing I'm happy. Growing, experiencing, and happy. I hope this summer is being as kind to you dear friends.

Kirby Costa Campos