Current Life.

Yesterday a fellow mother from Parents for Occupy Wall St. who I haven't seen in sometime gave me a beautiful compliment, telling me I looked like I had a "shift in my soul" (in a positive direction). This meant a lot to me so soon after the end of a hard period because it's exactly how I feel.  

I was expecting to face even more difficult times and struggle after my marriage ended, almost a struggle to rebuild my life. But, I'm happy to report I couldn't have been more wrong. Get this, I'm happy. Without trying to point fingers or pass blame, removing the biggest stresser in my life "that bad relationship" has revitalized me. I'm lighter, more calm, and more clear minded. Above all else for the first time in years I'm completely 100%  in control of my own environment. Not to say there hasn't already been some road bumps with the child splitting, there has and there will be more I understand. Yet even with a few road bumps over all, I'm feeling SO well. All of this is a little foreign after all I still do have to learn who I am after years of struggle and that identity being lost to the trama. I have to figure out how to define myself not only as an individual again but one with a child which is completely different. I'm not stressing it. I'm actually enjoying the idea of who and what the coming years will bring. 

There are so many other changes in the works currently which will also play into this new version of myself. This week I officially gave away a part of one of my businesses. Scary? Yes. Time freeing? Oh yes. 

Yesterdays May Day really infused life back into the movement. 50,000 people marched through NYC at one point yesterday. I am so pumped to see the movement take such life and shape again. Now we need to figure out how to harness that energy to help really affect policy making and the upcoming elections. Not a small task but very possible. I had the pleasure of teaching a group of inner city schools with a fellow parent at the Free University also yesterday. The students were so inspiring!

My book is getting a make over! Well the cover at design friend is working on giving The Protesting Parent a facelift before the physical PR campaign blasts out. I'm so excited to see what she comes up with, she's so talented. 

Lastly June is bringing me not one but two conferences. I love me some conferences. I love the networking, the parties, and the lectures. I love the energy and possible business deals a properly organized conference creates, invigorating. The travel and events are really giving me something to look forward to. 

So that's where it's at.... life is good. Finally. 

Kirby Costa Campos