How's Your Productivity?

I've worked for myself for almost  8 years now. I've done various things but most have tied back to music in one form or another. This has had a positive affect on my because frankly I'm a go getter and having the outlet to get things done my way is seriously needed. I've also learned how to appreciate every single dollar as it comes in because it's my blood and sweat that made it come in, a great life lesson. One negative affect working for myself for so long has played onto me is I have no limits on how much I work to the point of running myself unintentionally into the ground. I remember one point when my business started to truly grow yet I hadn't hired any extra hands, I was frankly miserable. I wasn't sleeping and I lived in a state of constant worry. I would wake up with chest pain with my to do list weighing heavily on my brain. No matter how much I did I never felt like it was "enough".

Since then there's been a lot of changes to Everything Independent from the type of projects we take on to the amount we charge and asking for help when I need it. All positive changes that have helped me work most affectively while staying sane and happy. I kind of look back on that over worked period as the "dark ages". But, I still do struggle with balancing work and family time. Reading this article today was eye opening for me. I'm kind of outside of the "corporate grind" but still I can feel this ever changing speed up happening in my little loft office somedays. 

I've learned over the years it's about boundaries. The music business is infamous for lacking these on MANY levels but as I've come to really rock what I do I'm learning to not only set them for myself but the hardest thing, really sticking to them. I've settled with the fact caring for my daughter and the business I work in I may never see the traditional "9-5", but I'm getting closer and closer each day to it and becoming more productive and balanced in turn.

Kirby Costa Campos