Nashville & A Video Shoot

I last left off in Nashville sitting on that beautiful river bank. We were in Nashville for 4 days..

Rench has done So many interviews via phone & skype in the past few weeks I can’t keep them all straight in my head….

I had my first real southern fired chicken! It was delicious. 

The trip consisted of a big catch up between me and my band, running around to various meetings, hanging out with our wonderful host, and a show. We actually had to find a banjo player 4 hours before the gig which was crazy but we did it amazingly. 

Our host was an awesome singer/biker friend of the band. She rocked. Funny story we found out we went to the same small high school in upstate NY, it’s a small world! The new Gangstagrass album dropped at midnight on June 5th so we did a live stream up to that and “clicked the button”. It really was something special to have this album drop, I’ve been more invested and involved in the creative process on this album than any other before this so it was bitter sweet to see so many months of work go out to the world. We actually were in the top 50 of MP3 downloads on Amazon in both Country and Hip-Hop for two weeks! 

After a successful show downtown Nashville I jumped on a plane and headed to Chicago for the “Voice of the Brand” conference. Unfortunately I ended up loosing my iphone in a cab so I don’t have my photos from that trip sadly. It was the best conference I’ve ever participated in! The Second City Comedy group showed up and did a couple performances for us, one of which they sang about marketing and branding and YES I totally geeked out on it! 

Mean while the band headed out on the road for a three day tour. We met back up in NYC where we shot the new music video at my loft. It was crazy having 10-20 people floating around my house for two days straight. I’m SO excited to see the video though, it’s going to be epic. 

There were models of various shapes and sizes in and out the whole two days.

After the crew was done shooting they left as quickly as they came and I had a brief moment of silence in my place.

Kirby Costa Campos