Bored tonight? Have a cell phone?

The short story here, the mayor is lying to the general public about WHY he’s evicting people tomorrow, you guys have followed my blog, I have no reason to have lied this entire time, don’t trust the press!

The really COOL part of this all? We can speak up! If you have 2 mins and a cell phone you can help the movement and fight Bloomberg pushing the kids out from anywhere in the country. Even more cool? If you know other cool people with with a cell phone and 2 mins to spare you can reblog and so can they and so on and so on. Tumblr is powerful, we can flood the phone lines and it could start here, with YOU. Do it. You know you want to.

Another important way to make sure that Mayor Bloomberg hears from all of us is to call New York City’s complaint line at (212) NEW-YORK—that’s (212) 639-9675

When you’re asked to, Press 1 for English, hit 0, and then wait through the message and hold music until you get an operator. Then tell the operator you’re calling in protest against the eviction of the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park. 

This New York call line has great systems for gathering, counting, and reporting calls, so our collective call will be heard. 

Come on we all know you get free night time mins anyway! 

Kirby Costa Campos