Breast milk donations requested for a mother in need

Hey Everyone my Midwives office blasted this out today anyone want to help her out? Please email me at and I’ll hook you up with her.




my name is Mary and I am expecting my first baby in early October.
I underwent a necessary breast surgery 10 years ago that will,
unfortunately, prohibit me from being able to breastfeed my baby.
I am hoping to find another expecting mother with a generous heart who
would be willing to help my situation by donating any extra breast milk.
For the protection of our baby, we would want to have access to certain
medical records, test results, and information on medications taken, with
the understanding of complete privacy, of course. We cannot afford to
pay for donor milk but we will, of course, gladly reimburse donors for milk
bags used to store donated milk.
We thank you in advance for considering milk donation, and for taking
the time to meet with us. It is our deep respect for the choice to
breastfeed, as well as our understanding of the far-superior quality of
breast milk vs. formula that has us reaching out in advance of our birth.
(re: we know that breast milk is gold!)
We would be so grateful to find someone whose milk would not only
nurture her own child, but also help nurture ours.