Bring Your Kid To Work Day....Everyday

I’m lucky with my work I’m not limited to when and where baby can be. This was most obvious during CMJ and the other conferences I participate in. You walked around the exhibit floor (as caught by no pulp music), you viewed the panel I sat on and were even brought up and pointed out during it, and you were at my shows. One odd thing that happened all week is I would be out checking out a band randomly at what ever venue and someone would randomly walk up to showing me their phone saying “I have a photo of your baby” either from a show you were at or CMJ. It’s flattering and all but how can I not be slightly creeped out? You have something special about you baby already, it blows my mind how people are just drawn to you at only 7 months….

Your trying to get ON STAGE during a bands set, no fear baby no fear.