Buh Bye LA! Soon...


And WE’RE MOVING…again. When we moved out to LA it was to accomplish two things, firstly establish our new little family with the three of us living under the same roof and for me to get healthy after I had fallen ill. I’m happy to report, we’ve accomplished both of these goals in under 12 months. It’s been a a great adventure and learning process coming to LA. Knowing we’re going to kiss this city and loft good by sooner than we thought feels kind of bitter sweet SO MUCH happened in these walls. We worked through the growing pains of becoming a family, a real couple, and W a father to G. Kinks being worked out while making relationships deeper always come with their challenges. I recovered here in this home, countless hours in this bed, a few nights so sick I slept on the bathroom floor. We blossomed here, we grew. For this I will ALWAYS be thankful for LA. It healed us in so many ways with it’s sweet sunshine and slower pace. 

But, part of me always knew this was temporary, a stop over to accomplish the challenges we were facing. So in a couple short months we’ll pack up once again this time as a family and set out on our next adventure to London. 

I miss NY so deeply, now that I’m healed part of me does want to go back but looking at the family we are now and the plans were etching out for our future together I realize NYC just doesn’t fit into those plans for so many reasons. 

I’ve voiced my issues with the US in the past very aggressively with my activism so another part of me is also happy to “get my family out” and into the arms of the EU. The culture and lifestyle is just a better fit for us in this given moment. Not that the move won’t be scary because it will! Again there will be adjustments to our new city and with starting over again. New jobs, new friends, new schools. 

Yet, the tradeoffs both in our personal standard of living and experience are worth it. The amount of travel that will become available to us will be amazing. Long weekends in Paris, Germany, Portugal etc. My love affair with Paris is far from over (I mean come on I met W there I’m indebted to the city) so I get just a little gitty thinking the magical city and so many more adventures will be just a short train ride away for our family soon. 

If all goes as planned we’ll be leaving the US in late September. Lots to accomplish like a summer well spent in LA before we leave but I’m already daydreaming of a UK fall and our new home. 


Kirby Costa Campos