Bye LA. Hello New Life.

In a classic Kirby fashion I’m sitting in LAX crossed legged luggage surrounding me. Why do I enjoy writing on the go oh so much? It’s felt surreal packing all the bags, dropping G and then the following day W at the airport. Today it was my turn to head to the airport after I cleaned up the last bits of “us” in the loft and the new tenants, a cute newlywed couple started moving in. It was weird listening to them dropping things into our bedroom closet that really was no longer “ours”. I’ve said this before I will forever be grateful to LA. It healed me. It’s where my family really became a family. It helped me become a new person both inside and out. It gave us life long new friends. For all of this I will always be grateful. 

As you can tell I’ve shaken my sad pouty mood from the post before and am feeling more hopefully for what the future holds. Not to say I didn’t tear up and stand in the LA loft’s door way a little too long before letting the door close lock clicking behind me. But, we’re onto our next adventures with some big news, WE’RE ENGAGED!

And we’re as happy as can be. You know when something just feels like it’s exactly how it should be? That’s how I feel looking down at this gorgeous ring my love very kindly gave me and more importantly the promise it stands for. The future is bright. 

So, soon I board a plane, a new healthier, balanced, and engaged (!!!) “new me” in “old me’s” home for a month. Here I come NYC!

Kirby Costa Campos