Can't Buy Me Love

Dear little girl,

I’ve been thinking a ton since we decided to start trying to get pregnant with you about my childhood and how I want to give you everything I never had. Two days ago was a BIG day in your world, you played for the first time with a toy yesterday and we both shared in the excitement of you discovering something new. Right now you have a small collection of toys, stacking blocks, 4 stuffed animals of various shapes and sizes, your night time glow bug ( From Jeremy and Katherine, xo guys), a Sophie Le Giraffe which we bought for you the day we found out you were a girl (which BTW is a VERY popular toy in Brooklyn we’ve learned we see them EVERYWHERE, your Dad even got really excited when someone pulled one out on the train and with out thinking yelled Le Sophie! startling the unsuspecting stranger …yes you are up a lot at night lol), Flash cards, and various books. A very small collection we realize and as you grow older while the collection may change your Dad and I have the goal to keep the “things” you own to a minimum and the “things you feel” bountiful.

When I was raised while they didn’t have a lot of money, my parents replaced feelings and time with “things” and money. Needless to say it’s not a good way to be raised. It took me many painful experiences as I grew up to realize the importance in human interaction and what exactly loving and being loved felt like because unlike most of my peers I lacked these things at home. While every one of your needs will be met, you will have food on your table, clothes on your back, and the various other things we as humans “need” you will be limited in the toys you keep. But, you will be spoiled with love, you will receive hugs and kisses when ever you want, you will be intellectually stimulated on a daily basis with new experiences, places, music, and interactions. Your life will be made rich by the colorful people around you and this big apple we call home. Your emotional world will be looked after to make sure it is safe and sound just as much as as your physical world. You emotions no matter how small or young the body their coming from will be understood, listened to, and supported little girl because emotions and feelings are real and should be treated like they are.

I don’t know if we’re going to raise you right baby girl, I don’t know what grand mistakes we’re going to make with you to someday write in you own blog about but I do know one thing you will know you are loved every day I am on this earth, I promise you that.