Catch Up #1 - Nashville & a Video Shoot

It’s insane to think I haven’t written in almost a month! Going through my photos the weight of how much has been done in a month hit me…A LOT. Incase you want to keep up with me outside of here you can also find me on twitter & instagram @kirbyamour. 

A big update to what’s been happening the last few crazy weeks. 

I LOVE MY JOB. I want to capture my work and possibly a little of my passion to my blogs hoping it will help G at some point when she’s grown reflect on her own work. My biggest advice about work, “don’t settle” find something you love and DO IT! I last left off in Nashville sitting on that beautiful river bank. We were in Nashville for 4 days. Check out my full update HERE

G got to be in the new Gangstagrass video! She’s actually wearing Rench’s cowboy boots from when he was a baby! 

The crew actually really adored G, even tried to calm a toddler tantrum bless their hearts. 

Kirby Costa Campos