Cha Cha Changes.....

Yesterday I sat in my local coffee shop with G on my lap on a full on snuggle. She was nibbling her “breakfast cookie” and I was smelling the glorious baby smell of the top of her soft head, reminiscing about all the awesome adventures we’ve taken together around the neighborhood over the years. Yesterday was a big day in our world, marking the closing of a chapter in our life as, baby and caretaker during the week. We’ve had various childcare situations in the past two years from a fulltime nanny to nothing at all but one thing has always remained consistant, I had at least two full days a week where it was just G and mama. Starting Monday I’m moving my home office to Soho in Manhattan to join the Outlet Collective as a team player. I’m doing the same exact job as I have been for year, managing bands and various projects but this is the first time in almost 7 years I’ll be considered an “employee” with them acquiring my current clients. 

So yesterday snuggling my babes in our frequented breakfast joint felt bitter sweet. G will be going to “school” fulltime (I feel less guilty calling it school over daycare!) and I’ll have five uninterrupted work days a week. While it wasn’t always easy (I’m really not the “stay at home” type of mom) I’m thankful for the time we had together over the course of G’s first two and a half years and am slightly sad about not having those days anymore. 

While G and I will be loosing some time I do think this is a right move for us all. I’ve literally been trying to fit 50 + hours a week into three days when she was at school. I’d feel guilty when not working and feel even more guilty if I had to do any computer work or anything on G’s “days”. Now I’ll have all the time I need to do quality work while having a full afternoon/evening to JUST focus on G, my family, and my home. In celebration of the work/home separation I’m even converting my home office into a warm and welcoming family library complete with a big comfy chair and reading light. 

This is a start of a new era for both our family life and my career with more stability and consistency for everyone not to mention a home that’s JUST a home!