Change. Boy oh boy do I struggle with change. All the recent happenings in our life have been for the better, a natural progress taking shape and form, advancing. But change for me whether it’s good or bad is always a struggle, it shakes me off center and I can only be so off center before I start freaking out and panicking. But, I’m in the thick of it now and eventually this new lifestyle will become the norm then the next big thing will come and shake me up as life does.

Yesterday was the first day my two worlds (work and stay at home momness collided) One of my acts had an in office at Time Out New York. I was so excited for this being I L-O-V-E the magazine. It was so cool to see the HUGE Manhattan loft style office it all takes place at.

It was a frantic day starting with a rush of personal shoppers, stylist, cabs from one end of town to the other. At one point at Top Shop I felt like I was in the middle of one of those cartoon bubbles where you just see clothing, limbs, and sweat popping out. If you’ve never been to Top Shop for their personal shopping check it out, they were so good and accommodating, I’m never shopping for myself again.

G was along for the whole ride. She was great the entire time but seriously by 4pm after we managed to dress and make-up five men, do the performance, promo for their up coming gig, and get everyone downtown for a bit I was frankly finished. I have to get use to the intensity of having G with me when I work. Thank god for my new assistant though he entertained her on down moments and made diaper runs to the store in the drop of a hat, trooper he is. Over all a very successful day I’m proud to say. This whole Mom/Work thing will work out!

G helping the guys get dressed


Time Out New York!

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photo (2)


photo (4)

G is head of our Promo Department at Everything Independent, here she’s actually hitting the streets and handing flyers out….hard worker not a person got by her without a flyer in hand……

photo (3)