Chilly Weekend, Warm Company :)

Baby G, you should have to wear a warning sign around your neck since you’re SO good at giving unsuspecting woman baby fever!


You would think that being in a huge metropolis that many opportunities to meet new people would arise more often. WOMP.

It’s very lonely in this sea of briefcases and hot dog stands. Insert also the new thing I have recently learned about myself, that I am no longer as open with people as I used to be. Add in my 9-5* and the studio, Saturday nights at the pool hall with chuck every weekend are on constant repeat (plenty of love for Al and the gang at Status Q).

With all that said, I took advantage of an opportunity to meet new people and step outside of my comfort zone this weekend. Get back on the horse, you could say. I can honestly say that I have found new friends in Kirby and Mark (baby-blogger of Baby G!) and Kim of baking a sweet baby cupcake. I follow a lot of moms on tumblr to gain different perspectives about parenthood, it’s all so fascinating! I love you ladies :)

photo via baby g

photo via baking a sweet baby cupcake

We all met at NYC Central Park’s Pumpkin Festival on Saturday for a little adventure. While there was a noticeable lack of pumpkins (and lets not even start on the NYC idea of what a “hayride” is), it was nice paling around, checking out the chaos (seriously, if corralling your children into lines for 1 hour at a time is your thing….) and getting to know each other a little better.

And don’t even get me started on baby Georgiah. I got home last night and realized I just COULD NOT keep my eyes off of this little ball of beautiful. It’s like she hypnotized me! All I wanted to do was play with her and poke at her chubby checks and give and receive kisses. I only hope they don’t think I was TOO fixated on there child, after all, I was still a stranger. But then again, I don’t think even the most heartless of human beings can resist this little girl!

Kirby and Mark were such a breath of fresh air, so wide-open and friendly. Kim was a sweet lady and her energy felt really nice. All in all, it felt like I met up with old friends. I so look forward to cooking parties and more chubby cheek action!

Thank you Kirby, Mark, Kim and baby G for a most lovely fall afternoon:)