COLD BREW! + Child Free Adventures

I’m such a sucker for cold brewed coffee. Back in NYC I use to make my own over night in the fridge and have some plans for when we can to London to add a tool to do it again to our soon to be new kitchen. 

So it was no surprise when I popped my head into the Levis down town LA commuter co-working popup I was over joyed to hear the words “free cold brew” uttered. Yet not just the coffee but everything about the space is pretty cool. W and I headed over last week twice (when G was at school) to use the space. The large open space is thoughtfully and cleanly designed. White on white? Yes please! A marketing tool for Levi’s I learned after talking to one of their managers they recently had a similar space in Brooklyn and currently have one in London also (stinks we’ll miss the opportunity to check that one out!). Pretty much it’s like a large coffee shop with free wifi, cozy places to work and free cold brew. Outside of the free “co-working” perks they have brought to downtown they also have a handful of cruiser bikes one can take out for a couple hours, free bike tune ups, and a tailor on call that can fix up your jeans. Nice right? 

The day we stopped by there was a weird music video being shot outside hence the smoke and hats. 

Our first visit we brought our computers down and worked out of the space but later in the week we actually borrowed a couple of the cruisers and hit the road. It was a pleasure to get on a bike again!

W was an avid biker in London before coming to the US and I myself use to get around BK via my street wheels. We both miss it but weren’t ready to shell out the cash to buy temporary bikes especially when we spent a large part of our LA experience in our loft through my recovery. But with the wind in our hair and the sunshine on our skin we adventured through DTLA first stop being Warbly Parker to try on and order myself some majorly needed new specs.

After that we hit the BIG hills west of DTLA and ventured for a bit around Korea town eventually finding a great hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that W is still talking about almost daily since because it was SO yummy (and SO cheap!). 

If you’re in LA the Levis Co-Working popup is around all August and we highly recommend it. Thanks Levis for the cold brew and bike adventures!  

Kirby Costa Campos