Cooking Adventures Part 1

So your mom has had the goal to learn to cook for sometime now. She was never really taught so it’s been an adventure in learning so far. We teamed up with the beautiful Brei over at Cucumber Press (check out their fun products) to cook some goodies over the weekend. We started our adventure out at the Union Square Farmers Market to get fresh ingredients. It was the first time I’ve used our new (thank you amazing nanny) Ergo Carrier on my back. It was great I wore you for HOURS and my back was just fine. It was a little odd at first it was almost like you weren’t with us. If you have an “older” baby I highly recommend this carrier. We got most of our goodies for our meal from the market but made a quick stop at Trader Joes and their lovely wine shop.

PS this is your mums new short hair cut.