Country Kid VS City Kid

I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately. The differences in quality of life and opportunity a child has growing up in the country VS the city. I myself grow up upstate NY near Woodstock. While the area was heavily influenced by NYC I still find myself craving the space, the grass, the air, the freedom after being in the city for so many years.

It could just be my craving for Spring to get here but I’v been doing a lot of thinking about how raising a baby in a major city is different from where I grew up. Being in a city there’s so much cultural opportunity. When G grows up she’ll have an amazing view of the world, and have so many opportunities at her finger tips. I truly think once you’ve learned how to survive in this city you can survive anywhere. I feel good providing that for my children.

(First Time G Felt Grass! Gosh she was so little! Trip to Woodstock NY)

We recently went to visit my brother at a race he was racing in. It was so far into the country there were dirt roads. after a few hours there I was ready to get back to the city and thankful for the culture we get to be a part of everyday. Fact is growing up in the woods while emotionally more connected to nature, it can be horribly lonely. Myself being a only child with a horribly distant family lived through the loneliness for years.

Then I think about the city kids I went to college with. One had never seen a chipmunk before, freaking it was the “cutest thing he had ever seen”. Another friend on a trip upstate with me locked the car doors when I pointed out a deer in a field along the road. She was seriously scared….of a deer. I’m not going to even get into the amount of city people I know who can’t drive or swim just because it wasn’t part of their lives growing up. With all the memories of summer swimming holes and road trips these experiences with other city raised people make me think, is culture an evan exchange for grass between your toes and hearing the breeze passing through the leaves?

I hope someday I can afford a safe balance between these two worlds for G. A city home and a house in the country (yes I’ll totally become one of those people). I want her to feel the freedom a big old country house can give you and toss her into swimming holes on hot summer days. Till then this spring we’ll visit city parks, take weekends upstate and to the beach.

Mark and I have often toyed with the ideas of moving to a cheaper and warmer climates. I think we’ll start vacationing soon to check these other places out. Where do you guys live? Does your city offer a happy medium?