Crisis. What does this word even mean? It’s completely up for interpretation like most of the english language. Was my childhood a crisis with the horrors of reality bearing down on my young shoulders? Was my separation a crisis in the eyes of my little girl, will her life be defined by the one decision not even made by her? The storm. They call this a crisis, there’s crisis management signs all over my neighborhood even still which will remain for months. I keep trying to analyze the word over and over in my little mind thinking if I could just grasp and understand it a bit more things would have been easier from day one. 

Red Hook Brooklyn was in a Zone A in NYC. I live by the water, the Statue of Liberty people identify this city with is my back yard. It’s a lazy little sea town on the cusp of the world. Less then 10,000 people, we all know each other. The night of the storm was surreal, when the water came everyone was shocked, this didn’t happen with Irene, no one was ready, everyone was shocked. 

The next morning, the town was silent. That first 24 hours no one spoke. Everyone just sort of dug through the piles left of their homes, businesses, life work, all gone by the almost silent water that rose from the sea that night. We were broken and no one came to help. 

A crisis. You watch these things happen on TV, you see these things in movies and you never really know, you can’t really know what it’s like till it happens, till it happens to you. Which I guess are most things in this world. 

I’ve been humbled. A month later we’re just beginning the rebuilding. There’s a incredibly beautiful story between that night and now. It’s a story of real life heros, new family I didn’t even know I needed, and a brand new future/path laid out for this little family. Someday I’ll tell that story, but not anytime soon. The wounds are too fresh. 

But, I am going to put this little message up here for my daughter to sometime look back on. This family, her and I, we have this. Crisis, may have pushed us to the ends of our understanding. It may have been difficult (so many conversations about how the storm monster won’t return) but, my dear, baby girl we’ve done it, we’ve made it through and we are stronger. Crisis has nothing on us and our love. Someday this will get easier, someday we’ll have more of everything good in the world. I feel it in my bones. Till that day comes I’m so happy to have you by my side crisis and all. This is our story.