Dear Baby Girl,

Today you are 9 months old and this weekend we shared your first Christmas. I think you fully enjoyed the time we spent in the country. We rented a cabin in the woods with a beautiful wood stove and more space then you knew what to so with. The silence was welcomed into our often hectic life. Kimmy came along it was nice to spend the holiday with such a loving a caring person who is so new to our life. Santa was very good to you this year also, he brought you a “baby, baby, grand piano” which you just adore banging away on. You had a blast opening all you amazing gifts.

On our way back a blizzard had made it’s way into NYC. It was a tough drive and the following day NYC and your mom was on a snow day. That afternoon we all bundled up and went outside to play. Since our street was shut down from the weather all of us including the pups ran around in the snow. While you were bouncing up and down on my shoulders while I chased after the dogs you were giggling your little heart out. It was at this moment the holiday spirit finally hit me, a little belated, but none the less it came. I silently thanked the void for the moments we are able to share like these and looked forward to many more.

I know you won’t remember much from this holiday season, and part of me is thankful to have a “test run” to figure out the memories we want to create for you. I dream of the days when you’ll be helping me cook and excited to give the gifts you picked out yourself to family. So many great years ahead of us dear, and this was only the beginning.