Dear Baby: Reader Giveaway: A gift from me to you.

My mom sent me the most wonderful sun hat last year and it has become my favorite accessories to block the sun on hot days. I’ve worn it literally, everywhere:

It’s the perfect hat to pair with a sundress or wear to the pool or a day in the park. Recently, I got to thinking…

This beautiful lil family will be gracing the Desmarais with their company next week.

Georgiah, I’m not going to encourage you to meet up with random people from the internet when you get older (Ekkk!) but I am just a tiny bit excited for you to make friends with the lovely Everly and to have the chance get to know this charming family better. Watching her mommy go through her pregnancy and first year through her blog has a special little place in my heart being she was just a couple months before I went through it all with you.

Meeting other young parents is always a pleasure for your dad and I since it seems everyone is 40 years old in our neighborhood before they have children.

Besides from giving me the opportunity to document our lives for your future enjoyment baby this blog has given your mommy the opportunity to meet some really great mommies and have a support system in place like no other through them. Community is so important baby girl and I hope to raise you to respect and understand that. It takes a village to raise a child and that village can come in so many different forms. I’m so thankful for the great friends we have who have stepped up over the past year where my lack of family left a gap in a “traditional” sense and I’m just as thankful for the chance to make more everyday through networks like this blog.

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, likes, and shares their lives in return with us you’re very special to me and my family!