Episode 12 // Changes & Sea-Bands

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 15.27.52.png

What can I say about Sea-Bands that can truly express my families love for these little miracles of bracelets?! We adore this company and were so excited when they wanted to work with us. We have been avid sea-band users for years. Amazingly not for seasickness but for motion sickness. I easily get motion sick in moving cars and buses, these things were the only thing that really help to prevent sickness during travel (and not reading when moving!).  G, unfortunately, inherited my motion sickness and often gets it when we're sailing so you've probably noticed her wearing her Sea-Bands in many other episodes too. 

These little bands are a medication-free way to treating any sort of travel sickness. They use acupressure points on your wrist with little plastic beads built into the bracelet. It's painless, easy way to travel comfortably and I can't recommend them enough. 

I've come to learn my motion sickness was yet another symptom of the copper toxicity and am proud to say I even read in a car this week (gasp!) now that my levels are coming down. 

We adore you Sea-Bands! Thank you for making this episode possible!