F!&% You Tumblr Queue...

…for erasing post OFF MY BLOG DIRECTLY. *Sorry For The Repost* I want this on record for baby G though… and a warning to the wise DON’T use the queue till they get all the kinks worked out!

You turned SIX MONTHS old on the 28th. And yes, we celebrated. I made your dad and I a fancy pants meal and we ate “with” you at the table even though you mostly mush around your food when we let you feed yourself at this point.

I couldn’t help myself to give you something with a glitter birthday candle since you’re too little for cake we stuck it in a pile of bananas. It was such a fun little celebration!

New things you’ve started doing this month:

Crawlng Slapping in tempo with your left hand
Eating tiny bits of solids and teething biscuits
Sitting up on your own from laying down (even if mommy hasn’t seen it yet)
Screaming just cause you can (for hours on end)
Making a silly face everytime the Photobooth program counts down for a photo
Taking mini adventures around your room at night and ending up in silly positions
Sleeping a WHOLE lot less since you wake yourself up practicing the above.

Thank you little girl for the best six months of our lives. You complete us and we look forward to celebrating SO many more birth dates and milestones to come as a family.