Fall Wardrobe & Home Schooling

Ahhhhhhhh how is it Wednesday already?!

This week is FLYING by! Which I hate being the end of the month brings our family is apart: it’s totally cool to slow down time! There’s been many extra kisses and snuggles as our move date moves closer. I’m going to miss W and G SO much. 

We’ve been super busy running around town to child friendly museums and events. We decided in order to spend extra time with G for this last LA month we were going to keep her home and homeschool her. It’s been both parts awesome spending all this time with her and frustrating because well, she’s four and four is kind of tough. Especially when your environment is constantly changing like hers has been for the past 11 months and will continue to do for the next 3 at least. We’re just taking it day by day with lots of extra hugs.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a flux of work projects lately knocking on my door which has also added to the mix of what feels like less hours in the day. The big balancing act I love because I’m surrounded by the people and the kind of work I love. It’s pretty great.

A cool part of the extra work coming in is the flexibility to actually start creating a capsule wardrobe for this fall season. I originally planned with the cost of moving and such to start creating a new wardrobe once we were into winter and settled into the UK. I’m excited now though to get working on pulling all the pieces and looks together, really planning out what I wear for the first time. I’ll still be keeping it mostly on the cheap (hello target!) and not yet investing in those expensive higher quality items except for a couple special purchases.

A surprising thing I figured out this week is I kind of NEED to do this, not just because I WANT to (don’t new clothes just feel so awesome) but because my clothes just don’t fit anymore. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable in everything down to my underwear but couldn’t figure out why, I couldn’t really see the changes till I recently took to the Target dressing room and tried on clothes. I started with size 6…but I was swimming in those, moved to a size 4 and they fit well but honestly depending on the cut they were even a little loose, enter size 2 the WINNER. I went from a 8/10 M/L to a 2/4 XS/S in less than 6 months. It’s no wonder I’m feeling so odd in my clothing, I’m significantly smaller now and need clothes to fit this new smaller shape. 

So last night after a day long adventure at the natural history museum when G was snuggled up on her way to a restful night of sleep I took to Un-Fancy’s wardrobe planner. I may have stayed up WAY past my bedtime but it was so much fun pulling everything out of closet and planning. I even managed to create another “give-away” pile which I didn’t think was even possible. I maybe able to fit my entire wardrobe into one suitcase now (I’m so up for that challenge).  

This post seems so consumerist, about “new stuff” and “buying”. But really that’s not what I’m excited about. With taking these steps I’m excited to putting action behind my words living not only more minimal but more intentional. Every purchase is going to be thought out and intentional for the life I want to live and how I want to feel. I’ll update more here as I continue the process of creating a fall wardrobe. Now onto a busy Wednesday, I’m already behind on my to do list for today! Opps! Happy hump day friends!