Family Traditions Created

Baby Girl,

We are a family of Dog lovers. Not only dog lovers but cat haters (sorry cat lovers out there) and last week the tradition was passed along to you I think. On our way to a meeting on the other side of Brooklyn we stopped at a store to pick something up. I was digging through my bag to find my wallet so I put you on the floor next to me for a min. This is when a fluffy little kitten maybe three weeks old came wobbling out from behind the counter up to you. I started freaking OMG CUTE OVER LOAD! But, from the moment i looked down to turn the camera on my phone to looking up and shoot the photo this is what happened:

Cute little kitten turned into monster cat in the matter of seconds LEAPING on you, scratching your face, and biting your lil chubby arm. I didn’t realize what was happening till the second after taking that photo. SERIOUSLY?! I’m hoping this “incident” hasn’t caused you to fear felines for the rest of your life but I’m sure you have joined the ranks of “cat haters” with your parents now.

Kirby Costa Campos