Every now and then even though I’ve been historically inconsistent on my blogging I still get asked to do a review or guest post etc. Life in the recent years hasn’t made that too possible so most of these offers are friendly “thank you but no thanks you”. A few weeks back I was asked to check out and review “FarFaria” and for the first time in months (ummmm years) I said “yes”. Ok before you close out the post because it’s “sponsored” I have to tell you a bit about the app because it’s actually pretty cool especially is you’re a breed like our family: Loves tech + Loves books. 

The app is an interactive collection of 700 “story books” that can be “read” on your tablet via audio read to your child by the “auto play” setting, or help your child learn to read via the “read to me setting”. As the books are read they highlight the words so it’s encouraging visual and audio learning as you read. Pretty cool huh? 

My one complaint and this really is just my own personal preference is I with there was a more clean cut, minimal, more modern design. Again though don’t I prefer that with EVERYTHING in my life? 

We’re big on books in our home (no tv) so one of the first things I did with G when we moved west was register for a new library card. Yet, some weeks we’re just SO damn busy to get to the library so this is a welcomed fix. Plus it’s in iPad language so G is all about it learning to read while playing a game. 

Also as I mentioned in my post yesterday we’ve been leveraging before bed stories for good bedtime behavior. For a while there bedtime was a fight in this household that often included tears. Since G enjoys Farfaria so much the deal is if she wants to read stories the following evening she needs to go to sleep after being tucked in without hassle. And so far so good. 

Would you also like to try Farfaria out for a free? That’s the cool thing about these reviews I get to also give you all something. Just drop a quick comment below if you’re interested. Again this is a sponsored post but you don’t need to hate me, it’s worth checking it out I promise! 

Kirby Costa Campos