Last week I posted the below progress photo on instagram and it got a lot of love. (Are we instagram friends yet?! Find me Kirbyamour). Looking at this photo now it feels good to see some major progress on the external side of my hard work. 

Last Friday marked my completion of the one month long Nike trainer program. I’m so happy it’s over, it was kicking my butt. Yet, I know even with this great progress I only consider myself “1/3” the way through. In my mind my steps to ultimate health (for myself) are as follows: 

1)Surgery, Recovery, and and “get in shape ass kicking” (aka month long HIIT training program). 

2)Long term diet changes & hit my ultimate weight goal. 


When I started on this journey 6 months ago I completely avoided the scale. I knew there was SO much else going on with my body that I needed to address, weight was the last of my worries. But, upon my recovery and starting to work on getting fit I started tracking. When I arrived in LA I was a whopping 140lbs, that’s a lot for my little 5”2’ frame to carry and the photos OY, the photos I was seeing it. After my surgery and working this month long workout routine. I’m down a total of 15lbs now ringing in at 125lbs. I know the scale can lie, I know weight should not be used to monitor progress. I also know I have put on an incredible amount of muscle in the past three months and we all know it weighs more than fat sooooo…..I do pay attention to the clothes fitting better falling off and how much more energy I have. 

The biggest piece of this puzzle though is what I’m eating, my diet. I never really had a healthy relationship with food in the past. My bio family did not eat well when I was a child (they prob still don’t for all I know). I was fed over processed, sugar filled, not-a- fresh-veg-in-sight: crap. So it was no wonder I ended up over weight as a child. I fought with low self esteem and from a very young age yoyo dieted. I would stop eating for long periods of time and binge after the fact. Far far far from healthy. The worst came when I was 13 though. I set out on a mission to be skinny and pretty much stopped eating. I had to have lost somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds in a single summer. Rather than my family noticing “hey maybe there’s something going on here” I was complimented on the new look. Again SOOOOooooo not healthy for a growing girls body or mind. Even though my unhealthy diet continued I eventually did keep the weight off thanks to participating in various school sports. But, as you could imagine as a young girl/woman my relationship with and knowledge of food was just messed up. 

Over the years I’ve learned. I’ve learned the difference between healthy and crap food. I’ve learned that to love yourself you need to nourish not deprive your body. I’ve learned caring for ones self not only leads to health but also happiness. I’ve slowly repaired my relationship with food. I still have a lot to learn but the process is an enjoyable one. And you bet your butt my children will learn to love their bodies and care for it like I learned almost too late. 

SO, out of the past and back to the present. After my surgery my wonderful allergist (and secondly backed up by my rhum) agreed the Low Fodmap Diet would be a good idea for me to follow since I had such a close call with auto immune issues. If you know nothing about this diet before it can be a bit over whelming (still is for me) because of the limitations. It’s gluten free (no surprise there being everyone and their mom are gluten free these days) and free of everything that could basically piss off my intestines. Including Onion and Garlic (tear). Even though I’ve had to completely change how I cook I really feel the diet working. My body is becoming very clear with what it does and doesn’t like in terms of swelling up when I have something off the cheat list. If I’m not careful I’ll actually be up 5am with pain and have a “baby swell belly” for two days. I’m realizing cheats just aren’t worth it. Clean eating is where it’s at.

I’ve decided now that I’ve shed the swelling from my prior illness and this first round of weight while building a bunch of muscle it’s time to take a step back on the hard core working out and focus in on the healthy eating. It’s time to really nourish the past body out of myself. I’m still hitting the gym 5 days a week but no more high intensity training, just running with weights tossed in here and there. I’m already a week into training for a 5K. With the extra time in my day not being spent in the gym any longer I plan to spend it in the kitchen. It’s been an adjustment learning to live on such a limited diet but with some experimenting and practice I hope to create a list of healthy meals and treats for myself and my family we love. 

With 10 more pounds to shed to hit my goal I’ll still be tracking those calories and steps via Jawbone Up and My Fitness Pal. I know this part of the journey, shedding those last pesky pounds will be the hardest part yet but I’m ready for the challenge. If you have any resources or Fodmap recipes please send them over! Everything I’m finding online right now is kinda “eh”.

Here’s to happy and healthy eating!