Thank you all for your amazing advice and messages. I’m totally reading into EVERYTHING you guys sent over. While there seems to be no magic cure to make an infant behave knowing it’s “normal” and others are right there with me makes it a little easier. I think we should all come together and start a new saying “the terrible nine months” since it seems so many of you have been where I am now.

This morning even after all the advice was the worst. within two minutes I managed to flood my my entire counter top and silverware drawer just as G decided she wanted to melt down in her high chair. I again tried walking away since I was slowly loosing my temper. I know walking away “is the right thing to do” but it just didn’t feel right. I feel like I’m leaving her when she’s most upset. Feeling defeated I took her and her bottle to her bed and snuggled up with her. Feeling like crap yet again I apologized to her for walking away from her when she was upset and asked to make a deal. I told her I would always stop pick her up and give her a snuggle when she needed it if she promised to let me get my work done like making her dinner and such. She patted my face as to say “you got a deal mom”.

It’s amazed me a few time over the short year this child has been in my life, the power of forgiveness she has shown me. She accepts me for me, with my faults, my temper, and control issues. She just loves. Even though I have years on her I find myself sitting back and wanting to be like her in a lot of ways.

So this morning we made our way back into the living room. I placed her in her playpen so i could finish cleaning up the flood and make myself breakfast. She eventually started to fuss and every time I would pick her up snuggle her, give her a few kisses and rocks. When I placed her back in her playpen I would show her a toy she wasn’t playing with before. And magically it worked. I picked her up a total of three times, I got my cleaning done, made my breakfast and get this ATE IT IN PEACE! What started out as a stressful morning turned into a awesome relaxing and rewarding one. She even fell asleep for her nap in the play pen which she never does.

I’m not saying this will always work every single day but I feel like her and I have found a meeting ground over this whole situation.

Now if I could stop her from trying to destroy all my band’s merch…..