Full of First.

Last night while hanging out with some friends we don’t hardly see enough and I was thinking about how these mellow acoustic shows I can’t wait to bring you out to with us and you will have an amazing opportunity to be around music so often. It was then it occurred to me how many “first” you will be. Besides from being our first child, you will be the first Great, Great, Grand Child born to your still living Great Great Grand Mother on your Mom’s side and the first Grand Child to your Grand Parents on your Dad’s side. You will be the first lil one born into your God Mamas’ (yes you have two) a mediate lives.You will be the first lil one born into a few circles of our of friends like the one we were out with last night.

You will inspire and open people’s hearts to what their futures can hold through the love filled life you are giving us the opportunity to live. You’re going to teach so many people so many things and that is a truly amazing. I can’t wait to learn everything I can through you little girl.

Love Mami