Georgiah, if you are reading this, that means.....

that you are on your way to having your very own first„, well one of you!!
Let me start off by saying, it is just after feb 14th, Valentines day of 2010 in the wee hours of the 15th. With this time line being established, I would like to formally apologize for all the lame, corny and embarrassing moments you have had to live through caused either accidentally or purposely by me, your dad!
That being said, right now is where I totally redeem myself by giving you (and any other currently expecting parents) this advice. GET A SWIMMING POOL MEMBERSHIP, serious do it! Over the course of your pregnancy, every single person who has ever had a child will believe is their human duty to offer you pregnancy and baby advice. If you have developed even a smidgen of my personality you will tell these people that they can go “you know where” ya, New Jersey!
Unless of course they tell you to swim during your pregnancy! Then you know that they know what they are talking about. Your mom and I just kept putting this off, for months, not knowing the difference just one hour of water time can make in the overall aura of a pregnant woman. Your mom, at this time is currently 8 months pregnant and not only was she up for a 2 mile walk home, in Brooklyn„, in February„, but she suggested it! And once home was just so rejuvenated from being able to stretch parts that haven’t been stretched in 8 months and just not have to deal with the constant gravity in any and all positions„,of„ uhm„ well you being inside her!
The water just took all the weight off her and in her words, she felt “normal again”, she had this overall pleasant demeanor for the rest of the day„ until it caught up with her„ hard! She is now well into many stages of REM sleep, drooling and sprawled out on the bed leaving me no room. For real, imagine a helicopter landing pad, if the circle was our bed, she would be the H. She is comfy and that is all that matters! Now if i can just get her lazy dog off the couch I could get some sleep.
I hope your are a dog person but that is a totally different conversation for another time, like when you ask me for a kitty and I can’t say “ask your mother” cause she has already said “ask your father”!

Love you!