Good Lord.

So the last WEEK has been a whirl wind, I will never again think I’m busy in comparison to this week. I’m way over tired so please excuse the ranting but, I’m sitting here at 1am looking at all the news coverage ALREADY happening, watching clips about the organization that’s running on the news this evening, and praying I didn’t look like a zombie when CNN came to the house today (Oh yeah CNN came to the house today…more later on that) and I’m just in awe. I mean I know I started this all, I know I decided to start this organization to stand up for my child’s future, but look at this all and only imagining what tomorrow will be like, I’m in complete awe. This is so much bigger then me, so much bigger then anything I’ve ever done and in a WEEK none the less. I didn’t know if this would work, I didn’t know if anyone would care and now here we are. I’m possibly waking up to one of the most notable events of my life tomorrow, I’m almost too scared to go to bed. 

Wish me luck. 

PS I’m doing a 5:30 AM radio interview on WOR 710 if you’re a morning bird. 

Kirby Costa Campos