Goodbye old friends. (clothing friends that is)

Yesterday evening my girlfriend Zane came by. We party planned for G’s going away gathering at the end of the month and drank wine chatting about recent life. As part of prepping for our next move and taking steps towards being more minimal I’ve been purging the house slowly. I’ve taken to selling larger or more pricey things on Amazon (who knew it was so easy!?) and giving away/donating smaller items. 

The above photos are by far the hardest step I’ve taken since deciding to take real steps towards living minimal. I’ve purged my closet in the past many times but I’ve alway inevitably held onto items I was “emotionally” attached to. Items that didn’t fit mostly and I never wore but held some significant memory. You may see a bed covered in old worn clothes up there but I see one of the first pieces I bought and had tailored when I moved to NYC, the dress I wore (that’s WAY too big for me now) on mine and W’s first “date”, the dress I wore to G’s first birthday party, clothes I frolic’d around Europe in last summer during my life changing adventure, and many pieces bought across the country during my touring days. There was a lot of emotion in these pile of rags!

I took this step by step firstly placing the items in a paper bag in the corner of my room for a couple weeks. I knew I didn’t wear them, I knew I loved them, but wanted to see how it felt not having them in my closet. And you know what? With them out I didn’t even notice them missing! So, last night I took the last step and committed handing over the almost full bag to my friend for her to dig through. She took out each piece one by one squealing how she liked each one and almost like a ceremony of sort I would tell her the little piece of personal history behind each. After the bottle of wine dried up she folded each piece placing them back in the bag giving a friendly hug good bye and out the door my memories went to become new memories on someone else’s body. It feels a little bitter sweet like saying goodbye to an old friend. This was a natural step that’s preparing me for the biggest purge of all when I empty out my NYC loft soon. Boy will the emotions fly then haha! Till then I’m enjoying my now simpler closet and day dreaming of the pieces that I will eventually invest in once life settles down. 

Kirby Costa Camposminimalism