G's First Play

This past weekend G had a milestone of a moment, she attended her first play. Every year a local non-profit Falcon Works hosts an event in Red Hook called “Off The Hook”. It’s plays written by local Red Hook kids performed by kids and adult actors. It’s pretty sweet. Every year for the past three I’ve been on the road so it was so great to actually be able to attend this year and none the less share such a wonderful moment in G’s life, her first play! 

It was so nice to see so many neighborhood people out and about.

She spent the last act going back and forth over everyone’s laps in our group.

*Creepy back of photo lurker*

Besides getting a little anxious at the end she did really well the entire time. She was fully engaged in the story and with the actors. I can’t wait to do more things like this again with her. Maybe a ballet next? 

Kirby Costa Campos