Halloween Recap

These photos are over due! Costume a success!

We went to the pumpkin Festival (read about in the previous post) but there were no damn pumpkins and THOUSANDS of people. Here’s one with my “no pumpkins sad face”

G took to sampling the Central Park grass…

Later in the night we headed down to a dive bar at the end of our block and I’m not afraid to say Baby G you have become a regular. Since you were born we have bundled you up in a baby carrier (awake or a sleep) and taken you along for a few drinks. Everyone in the bar loves you and knows you by name. It’s nice to live in a neighborhood in Brooklyn where you know people besides the ones in your building. We may live in one of the biggest cities in the US but our neighborhood has such a small town feel. You played a bit on the pool table.

You hung out with Ozzy a bit.

Becca even took some time to hang with you (shout out to our coolest new reader Becca! xo girl)

Your Dad carved this awesome ET pumpkin!

You rounded the night off by having your first girls “sleep over” with your new friend Eveline. You guys watched the Addams Family Movie and crashed out early.

The next morning Eveline dressed you and everyone was smiles. 1st Halloween a success!