Happy Birthday W!

Happy Birthday to the best man I know. Yes, it’s been less than a year since I’ve well, “known” him (but that 1 year anniversary is RIGHT around that corner!*excited squeal*). A large part of this year has been challenging with illness and an ever ending amount of change for all of us, still though, the last (almost) year has been incredible and magic. 

(rare pic of us two taken by G)

I have no single doubt, we are all where we are meant to be, right here, right now, together, a family

I have never known someone so kind, dedicated, and wonderful as you my dear. I never knew I could find another wild wanderer at heart with such stability and strength as you possess. With a personality smooth and calm as an underground river you give this family strength and stability it has never known. You make this often torn woman feel whole.

 I can only watch from the outside looking in because it’s yours and hers alone to create but I so enjoy watching you and G’s relationship grow. Sometimes even the struggles to learn this new relationship is a sentiment to your strength and patience as a man. Everyday your bond becomes deeper and I often find my breath a little taken away. You got to choose me as your partner, you didn’t get to choose this new daughter. Yet you love her as if she were not only your own but the one you would choose a million times over if you had that choice. I can never express my gratitude enough to the universe she has you in her life. 

You challenge me everyday to grow and become a better person. And man, it’s not easy to be with me, I know, my crazies are sometimes hard to deal with, my trust issues run deep, and past wounds are still fresh and on the mind from years before. It’s a roller coaster at times. Yet, somehow you have found ways to tap into this little soul and help a better person shine. You slow me down. You’ve taken my life and added so much more depth, color, and meaning. You’ve given me safety and shown me everything I’ve ever wanted even when I didn’t know it. 


The future is bright and exciting with you my love and I look forward to 100 more birthdays together after this first. WE LOVE YOU!

Kirby Costa Campos