High Hoe, High Hoe, Off To Work We Go

Baby Girl,

I’m proud to say your Mom is a hard working girl! I’m known for sometimes spreading myself too thin with too many projects which is something I have to work on. With you coming into my life I’m learning to do that but, owning your own company is demanding to say the least! I was back to work only three days after you were born, from home of coarse. There’s no maternity leave in the music industry unfortunately. Seems as though there’s never enough time to get everything I want to do done!

One of the flexibilities I have being the boss is after you were born I was able to move my office into the same building as your Daddy’s office in beautiful DUMBO. It’s helped us out SO much being so close to one another and having you with us all day. Now, we all walk the half hour through some of the most romantic neighborhoods in Brooklyn to work together as a family OR on days you nanny comes your dad and I grab a cup of of coffee and have a few moments for it to just be the two of us on our walk to work. Your Dad feeds you lunch on his lunch break and will pop down and hang with you when I have meetings or phone conferences.

Originally we looked at daycare options before we came up with the idea to move Everything Independent but one thing about NYC is daycare is expensive and we didn’t feel good dropping you off at a day care with strangers at six weeks old, it would have KILLED me. So we looked into nanny’s, we joined sittycity and within 48 hours we had hired the amazing Robin. Robin is young and she did seem a little awkward at first holding you but honestly could you blame her? You were a month only and not even seven pounds! We loved Robin because she is kind, gentle, quiet, and from farm country. She is the exact opposite of me in every way (except the kind part of coarse) and I think that it is important to expose you to a variety of people and personalities to help you grow up into a accepting and easy to communicate with person. Robin only stays with you two half days a week for now being we like you being with us at work and spending the day with both your parents. Sooner then later (when you are awake more hours during the day) Robin will get a few more days a week with you so I can really stay on top of my work and you can get to go to the park and have other mini adventures with Robin that get you out of the office. Some days it a challenge balancing giving you the attention you deserve and getting everything I need done, it’s exhausting but it’s such a blessing to be able to look over at your chubby little sleeping face four feet away from my desk when I’m up to my eye balls in emails and just need that momentary break from it all. I’m learning how to slow down a lot, take the world in, and savor every little yummy moment from you. Thank You for that, sometimes this crazy city makes you forget.

Here’s some photos of you today. (It was so foggy today you can’t really see the city our the Empire state building that’s RIGHT there, one of these days I’m going to bring my camera and get proper photos)

One of your favorite things to do is stare out the window at the Manhattan sky line and smile to yourself, I really think even so young you feel that magic that has made me call this place home for so many years, it’s in your blood. I can’t wait to show you around this city when your older, bring you to the places that are special to me and made my heart hurt I from loving them so much over the past ten years.
Here I am working late in your Dad’s office you can KINDA see the Empire State Building in the back….