After my last post about my amazing morning I figured I would focus and write the journal entry to you I had been meaning to do over my vacation but never got to. While it was a vacation off from work for your Dad and I the past two weeks it was so NOT a vacation from life. We crammed a years worth of “life” stuff into two short weeks. We took care of DMV, Health Care, Address changes, setting up the new house (with you in mind the whole time, celebrating the holidays, spending much needed time with the pups, and organizing, organizing, organizing. One thing you will learn about NYC if we are still in this city amazing when you’re older is the apartments are small and call for more then normal organization. I have to tell you though, while our apartment is small to normal standards I fall more and more in love with it everyday. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that this will be our home where we are starting our family with you or if it’s just how perfect it is for your father and I. The neighborhood has not let us down yet and is even more promising this coming summer when we don’t need to wrap up in a thousand layer to explore. This past week we really focused on setting up the apartment exactly how we want it. We got a bed, curtains, various decorations and a bright green carpet for your new play room. It’s odd since we’ve moved into this new place it seems everything we’ve needed has come to us whether through finding it on the street,a hand me down, or buying second hand. All these ways have made it possible for us to get exactly what we want and not settle for the affordable alternatives or getting something cheaper to hold us over, to tell you the truth it’s made me feel really special getting exactly what we want. Take our new bed for example…I found the perfect Ikea bed on their website. We planned on running down to pick the bed up last weekend. We knew the bed was a little pricey but were willing to get it being we couldn’t find another one anywhere else so perfect, I mean this was everything we needed, a head board, off the ground for extra storage, the color we like and a platform so it is safe for you to sleep in. Ends up we get to the store and the bed is there but add in the delivery cost and then we find out you need to get slots also to make the bed work and the total is nearly double of what we wanted to spend! So we decided to pass. Rather then investing in the bed we decide to get your new carpet and some other house things we’ve been needing. We take everything home satisfied with our purchase but still unsettled about no bed being I’m now getting very round having you in my belly and it’s getting harder and harder each day to get out of bed aka off our bed on the floor. Pouting a bit I decide to check on Craigslist one last time, I had been checking for this bed all week with no luck only full beds not queens. But, this time posted twenty mins before is OUR bed for HALF the price we were expecting to spend to begin with, and free delivery THAT day! I freaked we got the bed and everything else is history now. It’s things like this that have been happening left and right to you dad and I lately (I’m not even going to go into your Dad finding money on the street also). I’m a true believer in the fact that when you are in the place in your life where you are meant to be, everything you need will come to you. I just guess we’re exactly where we need to be in life right now, in NYC, in love with each other, with two great pups, and having you. Life is really good right now I don’t know how else to say it but I’m so thankful for how everything has changed since we moved, the quality of our daily life is so much better. My company is doing well, your father is happy, we have an amazing home and now you on the way. I’ve had so many hard years in my life seems like most of my past was so difficult and now I’m just so happy. I hope you get to feel this happiness, the pure joy of loving being alive!


We love you so much already,

Your Mom