So, I think this whole baby ear piercing thing needs a follow up since it started a “shit storm”. I WASN’T going to respond to any of this since yes everyone has their opinion and is entitled to it but after not being online all weekend and reading some of the nasty responses on the discus comments I started to loose it a bit tonight. Rather then continue on my “comment back” rampage I briefly started, I thought I would just do this follow up.

I had a great convo with Bipp and his girl Stef over this post last week. We actually have different opinions on the topic yet both respect each others points because we both have reasons to back up or opinions even if they are opposing. That’s how life is sometimes, there’s more then ONE right answer. I treat blogging as a forum to let your thoughts flow, a platform where you can freely let your thoughts out, on anything (on your blog). I feel this way because NO ONE is forced to read any one blog.

To the parents out there who got their panties in a bunch and commented, because they thought I “Was calling them out” or “bashing them” dudes and dudettes, you’re not forced to read this blog, you don’t have to agree with me our anyone else on the topic but seriously please don’t use my material to be mean to one another (except you Ben I still think you need to SUCK IT for mentioning sick kids and cancer, you don’t know me or my story). I have never and will never force my opinion on people, as in post on your pages calling your subject matter “stupid” or “a waste of time” because the things you post on your blogs are YOUR thoughts just as these are mine.

Now, the follow up to the whole ear piercing article. I think I need to clarify some of my thoughts. Honestly I didn’t think the post out clearly since I was rushed when writing it so I wanted to clarify some things. Yes, I know I was off by the size of the needle (thanks Stef), I know that google snap shot was unrelated….that was my point aka very little information on google on the topic, and yes even with all of these opinions flying around I stand strong on my beliefs. Here’s why:

1) I do not no matter how small or quick the pain believe it’s OK to make the ACTIVE decision to hurt your child. How can one truly measure what amount of pain is OK for a mere change in image? Yes, there are other things in the world that cause pain, shots being one of them, yet it’s not the same thing shots are (in some people’s opinions) a medical necessary action. When I bring up the pain argument it’s not to say OH GOSH protect our children from everything (ask G she fell like 3 times today alone learning how to walk) because god knows we couldn’t do that nor want to (so they can grow as humans), I’m talking about how I feel we should protect them from the unnecessary pain caused by something purely aesthetic. This is the main reason I still think YES it should be illegal.

Honestly I don’t have an opinion or know anything about circumcision so sorry people who brought this up but I don’t have the energy (or a baby boy) to research that all over right now.

2) I don’t think it’s right for use to make these decisions for our children. My sister is 24, she never had her ears pierced and never wants to. I had the choice when I was a young teen and I did it. We don’t own our children’s bodies and I feel we should give them the say if they want to permanently alter them or not. And yes the holes are able to heal over but myself being the product of many body alterations over the years know first hand the scar tissue never goes away, so it is permanent. Anyhow it’s NOT under any time restraints, so what it takes a little longer to heal when they are older, it will still heal. And when you wait you are empowering your child to be the person they want to be.

Side note: One reader reblogged this post and made a very valid point I never thought about. the fact the piercing a baby’s ears is placing them in a “gender role” but, what if your child decides they in fact were not meant to be born a baby girl and there’s a little boy in that body wanting to come out, how will your child feel then? Even if it’s not THAT drastic, what if your little girl is a tom boy and hates those holes in her ears? You never know who your child will grow up to become who are we to try and make those decisions when they are so young?

3) I hate how people are saying it’s a “cultural thing”. I’m sorry, but seriously, culture changes when people stand up for what they believe in. Take a look back in history, foot binding, corsets and a hundreds of other things (and note I’m not saying ear piercing causes as much pain as these things before you blast me again just referencing cultural changes) over the years these things were also culture till people realized “oh those things hurt” or aren’t right for whatever moral reason. I hold my role as my child’s protector over any cultural stigma. I would rather die before I made an active decision to hurt my baby girl in any unnecessary way and no cultural pressure can change that.

NOW, since that is again all out there, no I don’t look down on you parents who have poked holes in your kids ears. I don’t agree with the practice but you now what when it comes down to it it’s ONE small decision in the millions we make everyday as parents. I do want to thank the parents out there who shared their point of views on either side kindly and respectfully, I really did post this to find out your thoughts, like I asked “am I missing something?!”. And I would also like to apologize to the people who got bashed directly on this post by other readers, again I hate when people use my blog as a forum for that.

Now, if you REALLY want me to start something up lets talk about our decision to NOT vaccinate baby G DUNDUNDUN hahaha. Just Kidding…..kinda.