Thursday Thanks

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Thursday Thanks post which is weird considering there’s just SO much to be thankful for lately! Join me on Thursdays in taking in a deep breath and a few moments out of your day to think about what you’re currently thankful for. Helps me focus in before the end of the week. 


I’m thankful for Health

This is obviously a big one in our life right now. I’m thankful to have a healthy family and I’m thankful to be on the path I am. I feel good and that’s the important part. I’ve hit a big of a plateau in my weight loss this week and a bit, thanks to ah hem “being a woman” but knowing there’s so many sides of health I’ve taken to working on my stretching and resting more in lieu of loosing. I’m thankful there’s so many pieces and layers to this getting healthy thing and I’m learning to love my “in-between body” as I’ve started to call it even though it sometimes feels a little weird. 


I’m thankful for Homemade goodness

Even though I’ve always leaned a bit towards the “crunchy” side of the spectrum besides knitting I’ve never really taken being the homemade type since I was always so focused on work. Slowing down this last six months has given me the time and drive to experiment with the DYI world. Cooking obviously has been one area I’ve explored but most recently I’ve been playing with the homemade probiotics to help with healing our tummies. This week I’ve started to make homemade sauerkraut after discovering it (and crazy price) at a local farmers market a few weeks ago. Who knew it was SO easy or SO cheap to DIY?! Simple supplies and a little time is all it really takes. Plus one serving of this yumminess has more live probiotics than an entire bottle of the probiotics found in stores. Who knew?! 


I’m thankful for The Future

In the past two weeks I’ve had a handful of great skype interviews for jobs in the UK. Depending on if I find a good fit and have the right offer I’ll be moving out of working for myself and joining a team. So far I’ve been really enjoying the process of getting to know these different people and companies. I find it so exciting that each one of these Skype chats has a whole world of potential behind it. Depending on what position I end up in will be my future! the people I’m meeting online at the moment I maybe working side by side with everyday at some point. It’s incredible hopeful and fascinating to me. I’m happy to not be rushing the process with no real deadlines but easing into this new life.