I fail at the consistent posting. I’ll post 5-10 new posts then radio silence for ages. But that’s life a guess a ever ebb and flow of inspiration vs time to have thought clarity to actually write. 

A lot of planning and organizing are happening over in these parts. Lots to be done before we pick up and move again. The immigration process is proving to be more troublesome than we thought being my divorce is again (3rd time!?) held up. Paperwork sucks. Trying to put my faith in the fact that everything is happening for a reason and just doing what we can to keep our family together.

My work load has become incredibly light in the recent weeks so it feels good to have a minimal daily todo list and focus attention on my family and our approaching future. Simplifying once again and planning (what I’m best at). 

I’m sure once we make it to the UK and settle in I’ll appreciate the prep both physical and emotional. I’ve been contemplating how to cut down again on our possessions both out of the need to with this move since we’re letting go of both lofts this time (LA & NYC) but also because of how damn good it has felt to live minimalistic in the past 8 months. 

We came to LA in few suitcases and our over flowing hearts to start our new family together without the burden of physical belongings. Wilson and I (along with the tough financial situation caused by my getting sick) kept our spending and consumption to a minimum. Thing is I have never once felt “lacking” or like we didn’t have what we needed. All of our needs were happily met. Sure things like those new $200 pair of glasses would be awesome but do I N-E-E-D them? Naw, my big old hipster glasses are still rocking it. That good old lesson of patience popping up again, 2014’s theme.  

With our move I’m looking forward to downsizing to a smaller apartment both because London is redic expensive and because I’m craving the cozy these days that comes with a smaller square footage. Having our environment reflect this new and healthier lifestyle both with a clean minimal style and a humble size. I may even go as far as saying our loft days are behind us, bedroom doors ends up are pretty cool.


In finding such enjoyment within minimalism I’ve found some pretty great blogs I’ve become somewhat obsessed with lately:

Inked in Color: 

Fellow (single) mom and taking an interesting year long “don’t buy anything challenge” this blog has been incredible to follow. So whole heartily and authentically written I’ve become fascinated with this familie’s story and can’t wait to see how their journey turns out. 

Into Mind:

I found this site when I knew it was time to upgrade my wardrobe. I’m not going to (or finically able to) update my closet till I hit my fitness goal in the coming months but it’s been fun to play with and start planning my wardrobe. 


When the time does come for me to update my closet I’m totally going to start rocking the capsule wardrobe concept. Just as how we’ve been living our life this way of creating a closet is less focused on the quantity and more on the quality creating a wardrobe you not only love but with the limited choices inspires creativity. I’ll most likely pick this up over the winter come the new year if things go as planned. 

Private Life of a Girl: 

Little less as in depth as the other blogs and a bit more consumerist based she goes into make-up and products greatly. Not gonna lie the clean design of her website keeps me pretty happy and her jewelry line is to die for. 

Hope you enjoy these reads!