I Was Terrified.

Baby Girl everything has changed since you, everything, and I learned that the hard way tonight. First of all let me mention we live in Brooklyn which doesn’t usually weather… I worked late tonight. At about 8 your Dad called me to see if I noticed this crazy lightening happening outside I said “yes and not to worry I would take a car home in a couple hours”. I spun around in my office chair with my back to the skyline of Manhattan and my music playing so I couldn’t hear anything on the other side of my over sized office windows. About 15 mins later I get a call from my Great Grand Mother first thing she says is “are you OK” I thought it was odd and ask her why and she goes onto say worriedly “because of the tornado watch in Brooklyn.”

My heart goes in my throat.

I turn around to face a scene out of a movie happening over the east river and the island of Manhattan, wind and lighten like I’ve never seen before, absolutely unbelievable. I go into a complete state of panic all I could say is “I have to get home” before I hang up on my poor Great Grandma.

I grab everything within reach on my desk and run out of the door while calling a car. When I get down stairs (I made sure not to take the elevator in case it lost power) there’s tons of people in the lobby, it’s like out of a movie. I ask everyone if they should go to the basement they say their giving it another 5 mins before they head down. I tell them I’m catching a car and one of the older men tried to persuade me not to go out in the storm. I have a baby I say and am in the car within five minutes.

It was the worst feeling knowing something this horrible could be going on and I was away from you. It was a pain and panic I have never felt before my shoulders hurt right now because even hours later my muscles are still in knots. I made it home safe to find your Daddy down stairs with you and the dogs. The block was empty I’m assuming people were in their basements. We decide to head up stairs and listen to the AM radio. After the longest half hour of my life the tornado watch is up and I am suddenly the happiest person ever.

You’re sleeping snuggled up to me tonight. I’m not letting go of you till I have to bright and early tomorrow. It’s going to take me a little time to process this whole event.