I’m missing this little monkey like mad these days. I’m still struggling with jet lag which leads up to me rolling around for a couple hours each night in a crazy state of missing, missing my man, missing my dog, and missing my little G. I just wanna squeeze those little cheeks and snuggle her up in my lap.

I’ve seen SO many babies around BK since returning, cute little fall dressed babies. I’m often falling into a state of “baby G” nostalgia. Thinking of those days of just her and I. While they were hard they will always be special memories to me.

How I long to bury my face into the fuzzy top of my little bubs soft “new hair” head. All the little leg and arm rolls and the little pot belly that make babies so snuggly. These days are far gone, replaced with this incredible, sassy, loving little girl. Each age with it’s own specialness. G’s big enough now where’s it’s actually difficult at my short height to carry her. It was just yesterday she was a little bean tucked under my sweater in a sling it seems. 

There’s no real purpose of this post beyond sending some of this love out into the world. 

Kirby Costa Campos