Input vs Output - Tech Rant

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Day 6 after surgery. This sucks. I mean my Dr told me it would suck but I didn’t think it would be THIS bad. The pain and the cravings for solid food are really strong. But worst of all is the drugs and how it’s like they have taken my brain and put it in a blender on high….UGH. I’m over it. Some moments I’m “clear minded” and next thing I know I’m falling asleep mid sentence or suddenly feel like I’m in a bubble. Ready for a pouty, swollen lipped, week in bed selfie? Well there you go. And yes, the headband is totally necessary. 


Being bedridden I’ve had a whole lot of time lately surfing the web and when it’s too hard to focus on my computer, I stare at the ceiling and just think. This video on youtube “Look Up” really got me thinking yesterday.

I see oh so many articles or posts about “unplugging” and the necessity for the modern parent to detach and unplug. I do see the source of this modern angst (which this video does a great job at capturing) but, really, I don’t think it’s the “unplugging” that’s needed. I think being we live in a modern world to unplug fully is to go too far into the other direction. I think all we (being anyone who creates online) and I KNOW for myself need is no over step in either direction but a healthy balance.

For me it’s less about the unplugging and more about the affect the “input” has on my “output”. My writing is my form of creativity. It’s my way to reflect on this journey called motherhood and keep myself in check. When I successfully translate my thoughts and feelings from my mind to the page it’s an act of balance for me. It’s instantaneously rewarding in how refreshed and focused I feel. I often also find when my best, most honest words hit the page is often when my readers will reach out and connect with me the most. This is another wonderfully rewarding aspect to my writing and why I choose to blog over journal. I just love ya’all and the community aspect of this lifestyle. Feels great to know you are there. (hollar at your girl!) ….(see pain killers!) 

Where the issue for me is not the need to “unplug” but the need to cut down on the “input” I subject myself to because it kills my creative “output”.

When I get online and dive in head first into the websites and blogs, even ones I adore sometimes I can go on overload. It’s a LOT, instagram, twitter, blog after blog after blog. There’s just SO much great content out there! And I love it. I love the news, science, design, and reading about YOUR lives. It gives me pleasure to relax and let go into others work and lives for a bit. 

This is especially true when my life is in a rut (or like five ruts in a row) and everyone just looks so happy go lucky out there outside of my whiny bubble. I’m not ashamed to say I can fly into “blogger envy” on occasion. It’s a nasty little mood that’s not only mean but that will also steal my creative steam awkwardly and quickly before I even know it. Envy is just horrible and a guaranteed path to writers block. 

While it is easy to take any art form whether it be blogging, painting, or interpretive dance and make it competitive that’s not why I write or why 99% of the writers out there I adore write either (I’m assuming). With myself though it’s very easy if I don’t organize and control my “input” I’ll get easily overwhelmed and unmotivated within my own work to create and start envy others. It’s less about envy for what they are actually creating, the work could be anything really. It’s more for their capability to get the words on the page and do something awesome at all.

Am I making sense here guys? Well, seeing that video above got me thinking about this all and how to create a more balanced input/output digital lifestyle for myself. I want to celebrate other’s successes and enjoy input while being inspired by their creativity. Just a matter of balancing it all! 

One benefit to being bed ridden with a computer to entertain this week is all the organizing I’ve been able to accomplish in my digital life. I’ve decided to do a big spring cleaning of my online world. This included setting up my “intake” less chaotically so I won’t feel like I’m missing anything without needing to feel I have to be “connected” all the time.

I’ve been a member of bloglovin for sometime (years I actually think) but beyond claiming my own URL on there I’ve never actually used my account… till now that is. I’ve went over my tabs, and dumped the book marks out of my iPad and consolidated my readings. Everything from my “daily reads” to my “occasional stop bys” into my bloglovin dashboard. Now that I’m using the tool how it was built to be used, I really love it. 

Find me HERE on BlogLovin - lets be friends, share your reads with me! Remember I’m bedridden perfect time to share new blogs with me!  

It actually surprised me how many blogs and news feeds I consume once I collected them all into one place! No wonder I would often get overwhelmed and unmotivated with the excessive intake! I’ve even cut down on some to make it more manageable.

I’m happy to feel I have a space to get my “input” that won’t affect my “output” in my own work and creativity bubble. Green is a bad color on me anyhow ;) 

 I’m hoping to organize and minimalise (HOW is this not an actual word?!) my digital footprint more and more so I’ll better be able to focus on “output” of quality, thought worthy blog posts more consistently. A digital reflection of the minimalism we’re practicing in our physical life too. Kind of cool huh?