Isn’t it amazing how this: 

can in the drop of a hat turn into this:

with a toddler? 

As G is growing older boundaries and rules are becoming more and more important. For some reason I feel like people see us a “laxed” parents because we use a lot of alternative parenting techniques. People are often shocked to find out the reality is the complete opposite. While I’m more strict than Mark we run a tight ship when it comes to G and her behavior and we started at a young age. 

We started time outs long before the first tantrum. We started using time out when G turned one years old. It was difficult in the beginning being she would get off the stool and we would have to put her back 50 times but after a few weeks she figured it out and stayed put. 

I have to say a year later and time out really works for us. She will still toss fits and misbehave but clearly telling her “if you behave like this (or do XYZ) anymore you will go in time out” works 95% of the time to get her to stop what she’s doing and behave. It has even helped with getting her on a sleep schedule since she’ll stay in her bed eventually passing out knowing if she gets down she’ll be put in timeout. 

Here’s a few points that have seemed to help us over the past year:

-Being consistant, if we say she’s going to go into time out she does, there’s no “extra chances” 

-Getting on her level, eye to eye to speak. We try not to “talk down” to her. I think just because a kid is acting out doesn’t mean they need to be spoken down to

-Using one stool consistantly

-Keeping the time out short

-Keeping our explanations short and simple

-Telling her why she was in time out and that we’re not mad at her when we take her out

-The person who puts her in time out takes her out

Now there’s still some behavior issues we’re working on with G. Mostly how she expresses her frustration. She’s been hitting a lot lately. Also she has this thing about biting Mark, she won’t bite me ever but him she has no issue chomping down when he’s having trouble understanding her or removing her from an activity she doesn’t want to leave. I’m not too worried about it all though honestly. Every toddler will find a way or a reason to misbehave at one point or another and G besides for her moments is actually very polite. Girl knows how to say her pleases and thank yous! The percentage of good behavior greatly out weighs the bad and I guess this is all you can ask for as a parent right? A healthy balance.

What are some of your toddler tricks with a tantrum heavy weekend behind us they are more than welcomed!