It’s the little things being focused on right now like sharing the first wish wishing and dandelion blowing moment of a little girls life. After all no matter how small a moment it’s a pretty big deal. 

We’re obviously in a big state of transition right now so please forgive us for our blogging silence as we focus on what this new life looks like, and getting back on our feet. 

Soon enough I will pour my heart and the new chapter onto this little corner of the internet, record this oh so important time right here for my daughter (and the community here who shows us so much love) but not till I can breath easy again. I know the “transitional period” is far from over, but I’m just waiting for the “breath easy” moment. Till then, I’m distracting myself with building some pretty awesome stuff in the loft, figuring out what my next work adventure will be, and taking in as many of these little moments I can till the storm passes and the very welcomed summer is here.

Till then, 

Dandelion Kisses. 

Kirby Costa Campos