Last days of summer Part 1

This weekend was just grand. I had planned to work over the weekend but the sweet weather and local events saw to it that wasn’t going to happen. There was SO much going on in Brooklyn this weekend, it was all just so exciting.

We started Saturday by checking out the Brooklyn DUMBO art show. After a bit of wandering we headed over to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park and had a picnic with some wonderful people. Even Kim came to hang out for a bit. It was the perfect temperature outside with a gentle cool breeze. We ate cheese and fruit sitting on a soft blanket while people watching. There was even a CRAZY helicopter doing some stunts looking like it was going to fly right into the Brooklyn bridge, everyone was slightly confused. (Hey Kim I realized later in the day it was probably a movie shoot!). I’m happy we got one more picnic in with yummy sunshine before the mean winter hits.

Your Auntie Joyce telling you secrets.

Kimmy belly rubs!

You met a friend but she kept slapping you on the head so we went back to our side of the lawn lol

A beautiful start to a magical weekend.

Kirby Costa Campos